Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Space is Ace

The Space identity was created for Uprising East Lothian to brand and launch a new multi-dimensional activity centre in North Berwick. A hand-built, 'old skool' skate park lies at the heart of this new community hub, amazingly transformed from a disused golf club factory with a crew of volunteer support. It will be run as a social enterprise by, and for, the young people of the region. The brand identity and launch material needed to provide a communication framework for a vast range of activities but retain genuine youth credibility. The problem ultimately provided the solution with the multiple activities forming a dynamic typographic cluster, including a hierarchy reflecting use, with a single silhouetted skater performing on the abstract shape. A membership recruitment call to action of, 'Get in there' completed the piece. And in they have got.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The cream will rise in Glasgow...

No, it's not the Dairy Product of the Year finals but the South West, Wales, Midlands and East of England creative awards - Cream 2011. I'll be joining a panel of esteemed industry judges on Thursday 18th in Glasgow when we will convene at one of the city's premier hotels to peruse and ponder over the range of entries. Good luck to all the participating agencies and hopefully we can whip up something to celebrate with some deserving winners.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Can you smell chips?

I've gone and done it - entered the Drum's Chip Shop Awards.
Nothing ventured... and all that.

'Result' is a dark entry to the Public Awareness category inspired by the statistical evidence revealed of the deeply unpleasant, wider social impact of the 'Old Firm' football matches.

"Fair game?", "Injury time", "Shocking result" and "No winner" were all contending headlines beneath the discreet scoreline but the execution always felt strongest without any additional words - so that's what's gone in.

Please view 'Result' on the Chip Shop website and if you consider it to have merit, then please vote here.

Monday, 24 January 2011


Another media buzz word or a new dynamic and collaborative creative process? Community-based design or creative exploitation of the desperate?

The subject was raised in a recent Radio 4 programme where the best example a protagonist could evangelise about was a Corporation getting a new logo 'done' for only $200 and chosen from a frighteningly large number of 'sourcedcrowd' participants. Sadly it was radio so there was no visual evidence of the device but I truly hope they got what they paid for. This is no way for corporations to think about brand identities, as mere logos knocked-off for them on the cheap - progress this is not.

The industry may have one or two expensive and embarrassing skeletons in its branding closet but not enough to reduce a skilled profession to mainstream free mega-pitching.

The concept is clearly not without value and works for some project types and for community and charitable organizations but I will need an awful lot of convincing that brand identity is one of them.

Please be respectful of the discipline and craft of the qualified design professional, the relationship and depth of service they provide and value them for it.

Consider carefully what crowdsourcing is doing to your industry and if you do choose to 'crowdsource' your talents, please ensure the recipients are worthy and you are not being exploited by a thinly disguised 'fashionable' initiative by a 'rip-off' corporation.

The crowd has a reputation for following not innovating and brands need to innovate if they want to be followed by the crowd.